Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sorry For The Wait ):

I have been pretty busy this summer and havent had the time or wanted to blog lately. But once i get back from my dads house i promise i will blog everything!!!! It is going to be a lot so just prepare yourselves now while you can! (; teheh Miss you all and cant wait til i see you, which is going to be VERY soon!!! Yay!! Love ya!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well i they are out of order pretty bad but just love me anyways:) my mom sure does love her camera!! haha here we are walking to the car
This is at the very end of the night! Yes, we had a limo:)
mom snaping a pick before we walked down the steps!
Oh geeze look at Peter stiking a pose! Where am i even looking? i dont know..
Okay so he was pretending to put it on because it was a snap on! How cool is that?!
Can you tell by the look on BOTH of our faces that we were nervous to put that on? luckily mom really put it on!
Waiting for Peter to come get me! Mom and her many pictures, this is probably half...hah
Thanks to Kensi for treating me like a princess! She did everythin to get me ready! Even put my DO on!! haha Love ya kens

The dance was so much fun!! I loved it!! And the dress was only 75 dollars baby!!! Wahoo:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Choir Trip In Logan!!

So i was having a hard time deciding wether or not i should go on this choir trip. But i am very gald that i decided to it was so much fun the whole time! Here are two boys that were standing close by us and there is air coming out of the place they are putting there eyes, they were having a contest to see who could keep their eyes open the longest!! haahh i was laughing so hard.
We watched the Goofy Movie on our way there and then ended uo watching August Rush the way home:)
The seat in front of me decided to put all of their hands into one band that is usually only supposed to go around ONE hand! hah at the end they counted to three and all pulled, supposedly the one who had the bracelet on at the end won! hah
Tina and i got cute keychains from claire's! They are both so very cute!!
I saw my dad teresa carson aubryelle and grandma and grandpa when i was there. G & G took aubry and i to dinner for a late bday dinner:) Then later that night Teresa gave me two ring and i gave one to Tina mine is first, blue, tina's is second, purple.
On Saturday we werent doing anything besides having fun in logan!! so of course we went to the Fun Park. We only got one activity and i chose roller blading it was quite fun!! This is me and my friend Stephanie and then the third girl in the next pic is Moey.
When we were shoppin, there was a modeling show at a store so i took pics! haha
Then i told the boys about the models and they thought they were just as good i guess! haha
After shopping we all went ice skatin but i had a slight headache so i sat it out with one of my friends who was also not feeling well! But here is Tina and Natalie
(left to right): Maddie, Claire, Stephanie and Emily!! I love these girls!:)
This is the sick friend, Karissa, i was with the whole time, we have blankets because we were absolutely freezing in that place!!! I love Karissa she is the nicest person i have ever even met!
Our choir teacher decided to give us a tour of the university down there and there were some pretty cool art things so here is one for you! if you cant tell what it is its monkeys hanging from the stairs.
If you have ever seen Monsters inc. you know how this works...its the library and you find the book you want online then you go get it from here and it takes the shelf your book is on and then the librarian takes it and checks it out for you. Just like the doors on Monster Inc.
Another art thing...just a statue though!
I have a thing for yellow cars with stripes!! haha i saw it when we were walking to go eat:)
We were waiting for the food place to open and this is how some of the girls fell asleep! haha
At the very end Mr. hinck let us stop at Albertsons and get food for the ride home because we wouldnt get home til like 1..Anyways, someone brought this little thing of vanilla ice cream and i wanted it so bad!! look how cute it is:) hah

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Disneyland!!! Yeah baby:D

Okay oh my goodness!! this trip was so unexpected yet SO fun! It sucked making up the work but now that i am all caught up its great!! Here we are in cali.. at the beach!! Loved the beach but i was too cold to get in all the way haha
Now here is the first day at Disneyland!! Oh such great times the fam has had here..i just wish that the WHOLE family would have been here:( even though they werent it was still fun just not as much:)
Well i just noticed that i didnt get the pictures we took with dad in either of accident! sorry but here we are with some honey! ha by the way i looked disgusting the whole time but oh well im not mad about it!
The one and the only Pooh Bear!
Well we werent ready for this picture but here ya go anyways!!
mom just had to ride this i decided to enjoy it by taking pictures! haha
This is Tes and i PRETENDING to be having fun on this oh so enjoyable ride...not
My fake license!!! i actually get my real one in like 16 days!!!!!!! wahoo!
Thought i was going to die...hannah was driving. and you dont even really control where you go i was still scared...ha
I had quite the mighty crush on this man! ;) he is mine no one else can have him...!
Getting ready to go into my favorite place! California Adventures!!!
Course i had to take a picture by the A why not right!?
Oh minnie and her cute little pose!! haha for some reason seeing the characters makes me so happy even if they arent real...
Mater and lightning Mcqueen! This pic is mostly for my nephews who LOVE cars!! Love you guys:)
Tigger!!! he is so cool i wish i would have gotten closer to him!! haha
Its a small world....i really do not like this ride its only good when you cannot walk any longer!
Dad is just so goofy!!! haha gotta love him though! i was sad when he was too sick with a headache one day...but the next day he was very goofy!! Speaking of Goofy!! Here he is...sideways...sorry!!!!! haha too lazy to fix it
This is the grizzly one at cali adventures...! get very wet ha but i love it
Getting ready for the bugs life show thingy! notice we are wearing the same earrings!
This was the Aladdin play! so very good i could definately watch it again and again!
I really needed to talk to someone.....
Then i realized someone was staring at me!!! JK I of course planned it!
Peter pan!!